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SAF TL/RRS6 - Tecnu* Rash Relief Spray. 6 oz bottle

SAF TL/RRS6 - Tecnu* Rash Relief Spray. 6 oz bottle

Tecnu Rash ReliefTM Medicated Poison Ivy Spray

Consumers have shared with us that when they do have a painful itchy rash, they don't want to touch it. We have listened to the request and are proud to present Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-itch Spray.

Tecnu Rash Relief is a unique medicated spray that provides relief from the painful itching, promotes healing, and dries the oozing of poison ivy, oak and sumac rash. Its homeopathic formula is in an easy to apply, non-aerosol spray that allows application without touching your skin. For best results cleanse the area with Tecnu Extreme® Poison Ivy Scrub or Tecnu® Outdoor Skin Cleanser to remove the rash-causing oil, urushiol (oo-roo-she-all), and keep the rash from spreading.

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