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SAF TL/FA2 - Tecnu* First Aid Gel 2 oz tube

SAF TL/FA2 - Tecnu* First Aid Gel 2 oz tube

Tecnu First Aid Gel helps prevent skin infections with an antibiotic-free gel. It can be used in place of an OTC topical antibiotic because it uses a maximum strength antiseptic to kill germs effectively.

Also, if you are among the 15% of the population allergic to topical OTC triple antibiotics, Tecnu First Aid Gel is perfect for you.

Fast pain relief!

Tecnu First Aid Gel contains Lidocaine for noticeable pain relief, a favorite feature for both adults and children. As a matter of fact, your children may ask for it because the pain relief stops the tears.

Let your wounds breathe

Tecnu First Aid Gel is water based and easily absorbs into your skin allowing it to breathe. In comparison, many first aid products are ointments, which can "float" on the skin's surface and disrupt the normal skin respiration by blocking oxygen.

Tecnu First Aid Gel comes in a 2 oz tube.

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