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Pacforest Supply Company was established in 2000 by Brad Marks. His idea was straight forward; offer a forestry supply company run by people who are experienced in forestry. Brad's career started with the U.S. Forest Service in silviculture. In 1976 he left the government to start a forestry contracting company which he ran until 1997. During that time he and his crews did every type of forestry activity and used most of the equipment he sells today. That has made a big difference. Just as important, Brad firmly believes that good business, customer relationships, and friendship go hand in hand.  It's a very simple philosophy gained from many years of experience.  So give him a call, tap his expertise, share a story, even place an order if you like!  And always, keep on smiling!

Brad Marks, Owner & Cody, CEO (Retired)

 Bailey, CEO in training  

  "Bamboo" Bailey, CEO (Retired)

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