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FOR HAG/VL400 - Vertex Laser w/60degree Transponder

Combining laser and ultra-sound for accurate distance, height and angle measurements in clear sights or heavy underbrush.

The Vertex Laser is a precision instrument designed for forestry. A reliable rangefinder with the laser or ultrasonic feature or combined with the tilt sensor for measuring angles and heights. In thick brush you can use the ultrasonic mode and the transponder for even more accurate distance measurements. It provides results in feet or meters even when the target is not available to line of sight. The VL400 includes a reverse prism function with built-in prism factors of 10, 20, and 40 (or metric). Laser feature allows for measurements at greater distances in yards and meters. Offers 8x magnification for precise aiming.

• Laser: rangefinder with non-refective target max. distance 400 yds.
• With reflective target: 150-999 yds.
• Accuracy: +/- .25 yds.
• Ultrasound: distance 100' or better with accuracy 1% when calibrated.
• Height: range 0 - 999 ft.
• Angle: range -55 degrees to 85 degrees.
Our Price: $2,345.000

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