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FOR GC3XV - 01) VisPore Tree Mats

FOR GC3XV - 01) VisPore Tree Mats
VisPore Tree Mats 3' x 3' with slit in center

The unique construction of the black polyethylene VisPore mat allows rainfall and moisture to flow through the exclusive micro-funnel holes (over 400 per square inch) while blocking sunlight and preventing weed growth.  Each 3 x 3 x 2.5 mil thick VisPore tree mat is slit in the middle for installation over the seedling or plant. The VisPore Tree Mat provides approximately 3 years of continuous weed control.

 Comes in bundles of 100. 
 Secured with ground staples (sold separately).  
   *Normally, one staple in each corner is adequate but 
   if the application site is exposed to high winds, 
   additional staples should be considered.*

Our Price: $1.050

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