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The Bailey News
The Bailey News

Shovel Planting Tips for Newcomers

Shovel Planting Tips for NewcomersUnlike digging a hole like we did as kids, turn the shovel blade around.  With the back of the shovel facing away, alternate foot stomp and leveraging of the handle to create an opening  to the desired depth.  The leveraging (pushing away from your body) action loosens the earth, making a better planting spot.  Try to keep the back of the "hole" straight while doing this.  You can straighten the bottom of the hole by quickly raising the blade a few inches and "re-cut" the bottom using your arm strength.  Now, control the shovel with your strong hand and lift the blade up and toward you just enough to create an opening at the bottom that will accept the roots of your seedling.  Control seedling with opposite hand and dangle, or gently "flip" or "palm" roots by hand to the bottom.  Root collar of tree should be at or below ground level.  Hold tree in place and remove shovel.  Break down "back of hole" with blade, then firm up soil for root contact, tight enough that a gentle tug will not pull tree upward.  Now it's time for your next tree.  Good planting technique is very important.  PROfessional tools make the job easier.

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